Common Market Organisations (CMO) Campaigns
Triennial campaigns of comprehensive promotion for Regulatory Councils, managed and carried out with best results in different countries.

FENAVIN, Qualimen
Training of more than 200 international buyers for their participation in big trade fairs specializing in the wine sector.

Fairs and Seminars
Organisation of more than 50 wine tasting events, mini trade fairs and seminars for professionals in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Mexico City, Brussels, Heidelberg, Zürich, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Moscow, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangalore ...

I Grand Tasting of Top Wines from Spain in Hong Kong and Shanghai
An unprecedented event, designed and organised in its entirety by AWC and promoted by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX). This event will be the biggest promotional event ever for Spanish wines carried out in Asia. The aim is to position the brand “Wines from Spain” and Spanish Premium wines in the Chinese market.

Promotion at Selling Points
In gourmet shops as well as in large distribution centres in different countries: Germany, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Belgium ...

Wine Tasting Dinners
Organised on more than 30 occasions in different countries, for specialised press, importers, distributors ...

International Trade Fairs
Organisation, planning and participation at over 20 great trade fair events in the leading markets.

Reverse Trade Missions
Organisation of about 20 visits to wine-producing regions and wineries in Spain for foreign specialised press.

Direct promotion
Commercial launching of more than 200 wineries in markets with AWC-presence.