At Argos Wine Consulting we are aware of the need for return on marketing investment by increased sales. We well understand that image and reputation are measured in market shares. This is why the strategic suggestions we present to our customers show a clear and deliberate commercial orientation.

In order to be able to suggest – and consequently execute – these strategies, we constantly strive for close and personal contact with the operators in the wine business in each country at any level: importers, distributors, specialised communication media, producers, sommeliers, opinion leaders ... They are the dialogue partners we usually consult with.

On the other hand we clearly keep in mind the final consumers we are most familiar with because we are part of them: Our consultants are natives of the country where the office is located or have been living there for decades. Hence they have first hand expertise in tastings and likings, in peculiarities and latest trends in each market.

Our marketing shows a clear local customer orientation while bearing in mind the global perspective which gives us our second identity: multiculturalism and internationality. This is what we mean when we say: “Local experience for a global market”.